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November 06, 2021



What Are The Custom Moulding Services Xcreativerubber Offer?


What Are The Custom Moulding Services Xcreativerubber Offer?

The different custom molding technologies and services offered by the company are listed below, where you can learn more about individual manufacturing options.

Xcreativerubber list:

· Rubber Compression Moulding

· Polyurethane Foam Moulding

· Rotational Moulding

· Dip Moulding

· Injection Moulding

· Over Moulding

· Extrusions

Our company Xcreativerubber specializes in providing a range of in-house custom molding services for rubber products using a blend of cutting-edge and traditional production methods, including dip molding, injection molding and hot compression molding. Our team has over 20 years of practical engineering experience across a variety of industrial applications and products, from design specifications to product manufacturing.

Just like our range of value-added services, Xcreativerubber are here to work with your project as a full service provider to support and advise your project throughout the product lifecycle.

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