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Xiamen X Creative Silicone & Rubber Products CO.,LTD

Acerca de Nosotros

Xiamen X Creative Silicone & Rubber Products Co.,Ltd

Our History

Our story begins in the early of 2004 as a silicone and rubber moulding parts fabricator,offer products and services to domastic manufacturer and trading company. Two years later, we have our own international sales team to delivery our products all over the world.

Today, we are a growing company with advanced and complete production line,our products not just limited to moulded silicone and rubber parts, but also extrusion tube, hardware and plastic parts. We are very pround that we are able to be a one-stop shop for our customers’ differnt projects.  

Your experiences with Xiamen X Creative Silicone & Rubber is everything to us.

Our Production Line

X Creative Silicone & Rubber has complete production line for mould design and building, Rubber compression  molding, extrusion molding,punching , overmolding, injection moulding and  prototype.

Products Range

Silicone and Rubber seals, gaskets,O Ring,washer,tube and strip,bellow,keypads,baby stuff,kitchen ware, Pet Stuff, auto parts,lid,cap,end plug, Bracelet,straw and so on. Metal products including wire to wire connetors, switch button, horn basin, metal dome ect.

Products Application

Available for any industry,including: medical industry,electrical industry,lighting industry,chemical industry,auto industry,petroleum industry,food industry, sewage-disposal industry, steel industry, semi-conduct industry and so on.

Our Service

We commite to offer you best experience with us, from the very first ideal or drawing to the final products,we offer drawing or design surpport, making prototye, mould design and buliding,offer preproduction samples, 100% inspection for mass products, assambleing,packing as requested, and delivery. Any problems, we have special team for your after sales service. 

Price,Quality and Delivery

We only offer reasonable profit price, never wild speculated! 

Quality is our soul, it’s worthy for us to pay our full attention on it!

Penalty for any delay!

If  you want to compete,try us!


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Safty is always the supreme principle in our company management system.We have regular traning for machine operation,quality control,disaster escape and measures to response to diffeent emergency p...


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厦门旋创硅橡胶制品有限公司 官网

厦门旋创硅橡胶制品有限公司 官方网站


Tiempo:20 Marzo 2019

厦门旋创硅橡胶制品有限公司 官网

厦门旋创硅橡胶制品有限公司 官方网站



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Aseguramiento de La Calidad

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